YouTube is now compatible with HDR for dazzling videos [Exclusive Guide]

9:27 pm November 8, 20166977

two major new technologies of display for television screens, but also mobile in the future, are obviously the Ultra HD definition (or 4 K for the boeotians) as well as HDR. YouTube already bore ‘4K’ for some time, and it is now the turn of HDR to disembark on the video delivery platform.


the high-tech market advance to small steps on the mobile sector, but televisions saw beautiful revolutions over the past years. With the arrival of the Ultra HD definition (known as the 4K, although the term is not accurate) and HDR, the videos take a much greater dimension.

Screen technology for already started to happen on mobile. Be remembered of course the Xperia Z5 Premium as the first smartphone to integrate a screen 4K, while the deceased Galaxy Note 7 was the first to integrate HDR .

YouTube must of course adapt to these technologies, being the main platform of videos on the net. Also, after having integrated 4K, this is become compatible with HDR today. Now, any creator will be able to enjoy it on the platform.

With respect to consumers, the case thickens. In order to enjoy the HDR videos, still takes as your TV is compatible . And for the moment, only the very high-end offers a good HDR.

If this is your case, you can now enjoy the HDR of YouTube content on all applications in the developer, thanks this Chromecast Ultra recently and soon on all TVs Samsung Ultra HD from 2016. Google warns that other partners are also coming.

If you want to see the effects of the HDR on your compatible device, be aware that YouTube for made available my own gallery of compatible videos . If however it wasn’t your case, here is the example between HDR and HDR provided by Google (and slightly dramatized):