YouTube: Google tests a new much more convenient interface on Android [Exclusive Guide]

1:38 am April 18, 20176399

a new version of the Youtube app is being deployed in some users of Android smartphones. It brings a new user interface, including a new PIP (Picture-In-Picture) mode when the video is’ve miniaturized with a control bar very handy. Features that come with the latest version (12.13.53) with a selection of users for the moment.

youtube application interface

Google is obviously trying to test or deploy a new interface application Youtube . Android Authority reports as well as some Android users have discovered a very different interface which they used so far. We can through the application already looking for another video while playing the current video. Simply drag the video in question to the bottom of the screen.

Which for the effect of transforming the current in a miniature video, known as Picture-In-Picture (PiP). Now, when you drag the video down, is simply a miniature video that appears, but also a bar with the name of the video and a few controls, Play/Pause, and a cross to leave the current video.

YouTube: Google is changing the application Android interface

as a bonus, a progress bar now appears below the video. Two features that seem more practical, although at the time, the video thumbnail adapts to the size of the bar with controls: it becomes in fact smaller. Then of course everything depends on the use made of this application.

But for music in the evening for example, this seems to be rather a gain: fewer steps are needed to pause or exit the video. It is still unclear if Google plans to put this feature at all, if there is a phased rollout, or a simple test. Let us know in the comments if you can already enjoy!