You need backlinks to your WordPress? [Quick Guide]

7:08 pm March 8, 20177710

Today on WPFormation, I get Rodrigue Fenard who will explain what platform , and how it can help us get good backlinks for our WordPress .

Backlink : link back (a rare commodity in SEO also called incoming link or link arriving; in English, inbound link, inlink or backlink). A hyperlink pointing to a site or a Web page. The quality of the back link and the number of links pointing to a site (or page) returns provide an indication of the reputation of this last _Cf: Wikipedia

Note: I suggest you to read this interview, and listen to the video in its entirety for a chance to gain good backlinks for free 😉

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first interview on video (duration (: 18 min 12s)

Hi Rodrigue, can you introduce yourself to the readers of WPF?

Hi Fabrice, my name is Rodrigue Fenard I am from Calais, born in 1984 (generation Club Dorothée) and I have a little boy who’s going on 8 years old next month. Basic SEO, my trades allowed me to understand most of the needs of the web agency and end customers. So I wanted with Didier, meet those needs with solutions like the one I am presenting today.

can you tell us how did submit?

I had no more taste to manage my directory like many, because I lacked time and the webmaster really submitted me sheets of very poor quality. On the advice of Fabien, VIP agency – which was my first customer – I made this paid directory ( creasite – ).

I quickly picked up taste to keep and do climb in quality.  From there came the idea that I have developed with Didier Sampaolo … automate submissions and pay webmasters who – like me – no longer wanted to manage their directories because they lacked time and left so the cards outstanding, which is a real pain when you’re SEO… Yes, wait it validates us!

It was so to automate the job of these webmasters, and especially ensure customers have an immediate quote . It’s what makes today the strength to submit. We are connected to 99% of our partners.

The fact that we were writing the guaranteed content that latter sticks to the requirements of the sites that publish them, so it’s a 100% positive synergy.

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which is at the origin of this project and why?

The initial project is always on my Creasite-France directory online. A Drive offer, which allows the customer to insert a url and checkout. Let’s go write and create my listing on the directory. There is nothing else to do, after all, each my job.

Therefore do industrial way, with:

  • bloggers,
  • sites press,
  • the annuaristes,
  • CP sites
  • sites of legal notices…

… So I spoke with Didier, who soon gave life to the project in a version with only directories first. The editors at the time were even integrate the texts them even among the partners.

When we saw that the need was there and that partners were knocking on our door to get the money, we got out the complete version to submit as you know it today. Didier and I really have a bet, make money for everyone, by responding to the needs of our clients who delegate today 100% of their work to submit.

what is the target to submit?

We have all types of clients, agencies, freelancers, consultants who bring their clients and receive a commission, all people who wish to gain visibility can appeal to us.

that is what makes you different from a platform of links such as…?

We are complementary to our colleagues as Rocketlinks who the clients consult stakeholders before moving order on-line. We do not seek to compete with this type of platform, but are looking rather a way to collaborate to benefit our mutual customers who come to one and the other looking for profiles of additional links.

The small + is that we do the writing of simple text, this is where we can surely agree.

who may need to submit?

Everyone needs to submit unless it doesn’t say you gain visibility 🙂

more seriously, registration books, through the article on websites of press, we respond to all the needs in terms of visibility and without that customers don’t care about the networking. We are even the only writing to feed your blogs fresh content.

the quality of links is essential, what guarantee do you bring to your clients?

The quality of the links is a whole. The link that is made must make sense, and it does not if the content is poor, or if the topic for nothing to do with the landing page. Keep in mind that only conversion counts. And that’s with an effective strategy that we’ll get there.

Our greatest happiness is when a customer tells us he did a sale through an article in one of our partners. There where others seek only tickets in the SERPs.

The two are linked, and as I hear it often, customers should seek you, not you find.

what are the risks to make the netlinking on a platform such as submit?

To this day if someone uses our platform without a minimum of knowledge, it can be risky. That’s why we have a team that directs and takes the time to discuss with our clients on the acquisition of their site link before ordering if necessary. Because it does not do anything. Most of our clients have this notion, and it’s what makes the risks are limited.

can I use submit to increase my Money Site backlinks?

In this case, we prefer to start offering Silver, so that us items and qualitative links. I sometimes advise to the directory on the money website, only if they have a sense, as the locality or the theme.

I start my WordPress blog, specifically how submit can help me?

Submit can help provide content to feed the blog, by ordering text. Alternatively, you can become a partner and make money by receiving items for our customers. With the winnings, you can either cash, or turn it into a campaign of Netlinking.

Your website will be common, more you will be paid and you will be able to increase the amount of your campaigns, it’s virtuous.

if I start what offer good me? And vice versa?

As I said above, we should not go too strong unless it’s a revolutionary site, and so whatever happens, the link should be useful. To start, we can talk about your activity on themed sites, especially if you have a new activity, in this case that justifies the frequency and we can even play to write on the present news sites at Google News.

For an established site, you can put forward a new branch of your activity, which will create the interest of the reader, and make you stand out so your competitors so you.

No matter what happens, you ask before ordering of Netlinking, how we need to talk about you? And that is what sets you apart? That’s why the work on your SITE is essential before any SEO campaign.

submit is for customers looking for backlinks but also to partners?  Can you tell us more?

Partner – as I said above – offers of money receiving articles according to your editorial . It’s simple, just install our WordPress plugin and cash. We are constantly looking for sites with or without volume of visits. Commissions are fixed by article, and can vary from € 2 to € 600 per item.

A new site? There you fill in 4 days with a dozen articles if it is generalist. And with the commissions generated during these 4 days, you can order neutral items.

what are your goals in 2017?

Find even more editors to meet the demand of our customers, to the wise 😉