XPS printer driver – you can delete?

2:12 pm March 14, 201710082

If you want to create any documents by the type of XPS, you can remove the same printer driver without remorse, to create better overview your print menu.

to uninstall the XPS printer driver

  1. type in the search box of the start menu: “windows features” (Windows 7 instead “windows features”)
  2. click the published results.

    suchtreffer windows-features
    This results of the search will start the desired program.

  3. scroll you all the way down and disable the entry XPS services .

    XPS deaktivieren
    Hereby, you disable the XPS system.

  4. the point XPS viewer among them should leave switched on, so that Windows XPS documents can still display.
  5. without reboot is now the annoying printer driver and the accompanying basic software banished from the system.

what is XPS?

with XPS (XML Paper Specification), Microsoft wanted to build a competitor to the PDF document format. The attempt may be regarded confidently as a failure. XPS for found virtually no distribution.

in Windows XPS there since version 7 as an integral part. Here the XPS printer driver is installed without asking, with the one out can generate XPS files from any application using the print function.

the driver is annoying, because you Furthermore stumbles again in the printer selection and also the underlying service take up space in your computer, without being of use.

If you need the ability to create XPS but at some point, just go in the above dialog and activate the option again.

because not only the printer driver, but also a special service belongs to XPS, isn’t it enough to remove the virtual printer “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” from the printer browser.

If you are just in a cleaning mood: to uninstall programs in Windows .

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