Wow! Vote for the winners! :) (2017 edition) [Quick Guide]

9:26 am April 30, 20177123

Wow! Vote for the winners! 🙂 (2017 Edition)

by Olivier Roland

WOW! That’s it!

thanks to your votes, 8 champions have been selected on the 18 participants pre-selected to enter the competition, thank you very much! 🙂 ( you can see the original article by clicking here ).

I have considered only the votes that mention 4 videos – saw that it was the instructions – and here are the results!

for you to choose 4 winners! Check out these 8 videos and tell me in the comments what are the four you prefer! 🙂

1 – Sandra Fernandes-Machado, of Sandra FM

2 – Albane TOUGERON, of the emancipator

3 – Gaëlle Lasne, blog super powers for all

4 – Violaine Gorges, of family 365 games.

5 – Gwendoline MEYER WP Biz

6 – Marie-Cécile Baritou, blog learn how to play the piano

7 – Anne Estelle Dal bridge, blog pleasure of learning

8 – Cathy Prungnaud , blog hands in the dirt

the issue is strong, so I need your advice! Tell me in the comments what are the 4 videos you want!