Would you like your customers to buy your products regularly, without compare, negotiate? [Quick Guide]

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would you like your customers to buy your products regularly, without compare, negotiate?

by David

fabriquer nos bons clients

this guest article was written by David of the blog davidbreysse.fr.

you and me follow Olivier, because he knows a great way to live the life of our dreams: having a blog that rocks!

as entrepreneurs, we have a mission: contribute to the world around us and why not evolve positively.

but we must not forget us. Undertake is not renounce a life of freedom.

on the contrary! We aspire to win what is missing in so many world around us: the ability to make our own choices, to overcome our own challenges… And not those of someone (a senior; what word awful, right?) who imposes my vision.

for this we need our content, our products are preferred to those of our competitors!

we need to capture what I call “good customers”.

> those who give themselves the means to acquire our offer.

we must ensure to reveal our attractive part to make their heart race and addicted… For a long time.

  • then finished chronic infidelity of customers:

‘ I don’t want any other brand!

amour plus puissant que la raison what effect do you think that this would have on your turnover with customers active, ready to promote and buy everything you do?

I’ve done this work in Agency for 20 years and I accompanied companies of various sizes which some who allowed me to decode their success factors (SFR, TF1, IKEA, RENAULT… and less well-known).

let me offer you some concrete advice to apply immediately in your business to make you become one “ mark.

> those that have a place in the hearts of their customers!

how to make my brand a mark?

1 / / set up a message that made “TILT” in the mind of your prospects

during a visit on the home of your site or networking situation, your interviewer needs a message that makes him want to learn more. For this you need:

  • ban improvisation.

prepare, rehearse your response to switch to autopilot. It is the only way to not trust your spur of the moment. You know, the one that you loose sometimes and makes you miss an opportunity to capture a customer more.

  • choose carefully the words and formulation.

this message should capture the attention, hang the interest, seduce and be a real “velcro” for the memory of the other.

to illustrate, here is an example of an association that made solidarity school support.

my message looked like: “our high schools students help children of disadvantaged families out of school failure, first source of inequality.

after him, we opted for a proposed vision at all rather than a speech deemed slightly miserabilist and away from our concerns: “disadvantaged families, we’re not concerned.”

the new message is: “our children all have the right to have a life they have chosen rather than suffered”.

so, the association’s action is a way to achieve this goal by prioritizing the most fragile: the children of families who cannot pay €35 an hour of support.

  • focus your answer on who you listen to.

it’s cruel, but it not interested… On the other hand, he dying to know if you are able to help him get what he wants (being younger, smarter, happier…) or in contrast to avoid what he wants (pain, wasting time, complicating their lives,…).

you to learn how the brain works and how to work around its defenses. How to trust and give him to take action.

to learn more about the message that clicked, check out my blog here.

2 / / align your ‘being’ and your sound

what is the personality of your brand? Your values, your aspirations, your vision? Answer these questions to create your prospect identification: “we are alike! I have confidence,’s made it for me! ».

  • what signals are you sending?

once you have clarified these answers, you can ask if the Visual signs you give to perceive your brand (logo, design, ergonomics, illustrations…) are consistent with what you are.

If you are the good friend who shares my plans or advice, forget for example the cold design, techno that creates distance. You also ask about your look. A focused life coach meditation will be shifted in a costume 3 pieces!

travaillez puissance d'impact

3 / / treat customers experience your brand
  • before, during, after…

a “good customer”, this is made! What I mean is the pre-sales phase is crucial, because the prospect lives a beginning of relationship with you. He must feel listened to and welcomed. He needs to feel important! If he likes your contact, he imagines what will be the experience of use of your product or service. But do not neglect following the sale. To create a lasting relationship, the little touches make all the difference. Ask the person who shares your life!

the magic word! You have a boulevard to succeed. The France is not known for the quality of the customer relationship. Be a champion and you win the bet! You can imagine a way to be helpful to your client to financially selflessly. He will be remembered and will accept to consider you as a friend.

the web is a sensory desert? Yes! So, be creative to re-enchant the transaction. Graphic design fills this Visual function. Music flatters hearing… Choose a code, a signature sound that identifies you. You deliver products? Choose the packaging for its materials. You have a point of sale? Scent him!

you see (Visual language), we can hear (hearing language) on the fairly simple and inexpensive sum ways to begin your transformation into a beautiful brand. The words popping your language are also powerful evocative sensory who wake up (emotional and sensory) memory of your interlocutor. Use and abuse in!

need a plan of action?

start with the message, because it is he who captures the visitor who finds your page and asks: “will I find what I am looking for here? And my response is extremely fast. YES, NO… Hop he got away.

want to know if your message is “T! LT? Take the free test on my blog

David of the blog davidbreysse.fr.