WordCamp Bordeaux – March 2017: logbook [Quick Guide]

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this article is the account of my first WordCamp in Bordeaux!

Saturday, March 18, 8 h 30, Congress of the world of Bordeaux City Centre. Coffee, tea, herbal tea, fruit juice, pastries… the public is welcomed like a King in the Bordeaux WordCamp, nothing is missing.

A first round allows me to discover the stands of the partners present: WP Server , o2switch, WP Media, WooCommerce and Jetpack . Their tables are full of goodies and all welcome us with a smile, ready to share their expertise and knowledge.

9:00, opening in the amphitheatre Brisbane conference. Despite the early hour, we are all well aroused, with our cameras, notebooks, pencils, ready to feed us information on this memorable day of WordCamp Bordeaux!

At the end of this brief introduction, visitors are spread over two rooms to begin to attend conferences.

freelance WordPress:
which offer and what business model in 2017?

Room Brasilia: Conference hosted by Benoît Mercusot.

WordCamp Bordeaux 1

As a freelance web designer specialized WordPress, I could not miss this conference!

Benoît Mercusot works independent since 2006. He works with companies and directed to the benefits of development and assistance to the performance. In parallel, he sells plugins on the marketplace Codecanyon and provision of training in schools and in companies.

During my lecture, Benoît Mercusot taught us many tips: to help us to embark, to improve, to work and to earn better.

First, he gave us clues to think our average daily rate (ADR). To do this, we proceed in two steps:

  • you must calculate my brain time available, without forgetting to take into account, in calculating this time, unbilled day (vacation, sick leave, illness, training, events, Eve and R & D (research and development), etc.)
  • it must set itself a goal of monthly net income

based on these calculations, you can deduct its TJM.

To avoid wasting my time, Benoît Mercusot recommended to us to stay on our core business and to call in the professionals for the rest: an accountant, lawyer, etc. It is imperative to sell my time on what we do best. Thus, the speaker came to tell us about the hyper-specialisation, very popular with the customers: develop expertise allows you to become a consultant, and so to claim a salary framework. We can thus sell differently: explain to the company that you are a good investment, not a burden, to help sales. He must talk about return on investment, long-term. Offer a partnership over time, support for helping him develop. Board work is easier to sell. By offering the company to work on its premises, you ensure a better understanding of the customer: you know better its stakes and its values.

Then, Benoît Mercusot told us “good customers” and “good projects”.

The good clients are those who have “strategic” sites Sites who will have to evolve and change over time, no simple showcase sites which, once developed, will be left aside. The right customer, it is also one that is from your network, one that may become a ‘partner’ over time. In addition, it’s better if he knows your business, will improve the quality of the exchanges.

Good projects, the ones who have potential in derivatives, these are ones that are interesting for future projects or for production of content (tutorials, videos, etc.) and they are also those who allow to acquire new skills.

The last word? The best status to freelance, according to Benoît Mercusot, is the liberal profession: contributions are certainly heavier, but the small entrepreneur is limited by the cap of my turnover and less well wins my life.

how to animate a business blog?

Amphitheatre Brisbane: Conference hosted by Gabrielle Denis.

WordCamp Bordeaux 2

Gabrielle Denis founded my agency Editoile in 2009. It is an agency specialized in web content creation.

Animate a business blog can be effective to improve the ranking of its website, to generate qualified traffic and convince its prospects. But for this, it is important to do it right! You start by thinking about an editorial strategy and the production process. To do this, being asked the right questions: what are our targets? Who will read us? Prospects, customers, third parties? Why are they coming on my blog? What is – interested? This is what they expect of me? How to be legitimate in their eyes? What topics speak and give advice?

Some advice then proposed by Gabrielle Denis, to animate my business blog effectively:

  • it is important to provide content to our targets, and no content ‘navel’ who don’t focus only on our company. You need to target interested.
  • He must diversify my subjects and focus on quality to regularity.
  • We must vary the lengths and regularly write large formats.
  • For a better organization, it makes sense to establish an editorial schedule.
  • We can facilitate reading my articles in structuring them: a title, an attractive visual, a hat, 2 or 3 short paragraphs, 2 or 3 intertitles, a call to action, a meta-description.
  • Do not neglect the promotion of my articles after their publication work: share them on social networks, pin them in bookmarking sites, send them to influencers, promoting them in the newsletter, on other blogs, forums, groups LinkdIn, etc.
  • Finally, it must evaluate the results: analyze stats and adjust its editorial and results achieved.

Discover slides of the conference .

10:30, it’s time for the break. In the central room, the pastries gave way to macarons and the fluted – wonderful to be able to enjoy this delicious local speciality! We are spoiled, for our greatest pleasure.

The morning then continues with two other conferences: one on the State of e-commerce in France, led by Rémi Corson, the other on the powerful system of taxonomies, animated by Frédéric Demarle.

For lunch, we are all invited in a large room. Tables are small ovens, prepared with care by a Bordeaux caterer. This WordCamp Bordeaux does not to amaze us. The mets are fine and varied, discussions are underway, this is a warm and friendly…

WordCamp Bordeaux 3

WordCamp Bordeaux 5

14:00 is NAP time! Oops, no… it’s time for data migration… destination WordPress!

A fairly technical conference hosted by Willy Bahuaud. I thought we would be talking about automatic and simple ways to proceed – import tool / export SQL, the Duplicator plugin, etc.: in reality, especially Willy Bahuaud took the time to explain the process manual, carried out using PHP scripts.

Here is slides of the conference If you want to learn more.

the important points for an SEO
relevant with WordPress

Amphitheatre Bribane: Conference hosted by Nicolas de CreaNico.

Since 2010, Nicolas built Prestashop and WordPress sites for its customers. He works their SEO, in order to provide visibility to its customers.

In my lecture, Nicolas for exposed the pyramidal system of referencing: first of all, the base, i.e. the technical structure. Then, the content, and then, at the top, the popularity. By acting on these three levels, you can optimize the SEO of a site.

The technical structure: it’s properly set up WordPress (URL rewriting, integration of meta-data, generation of the robots.txt, creating a sitemap, installation of the necessary extensions file, etc.), choose a good theme (clean and fast code, markup correct Hn, responsive, presence of a breadcrumb, data structured, etc.), and give special attention to the choice of accommodation with its performance.

content: it is important to have a comprehensive, clear and regularly updated site up-to-date.

  • The pages of the site should not be too close, and try to generate different content.
  • The use of tags creates content duplicated, it’s so bad practice to avoid!
  • We must always think to name its media correctly and complete their tag ALT
  • in the articles, attention to work well the title tags and write attractive meta-descriptions.
  • Avoid to delete a product or an article, or then do thinking well to create a redirect, for not having broken links.
  • Activate product reviews is a good practice, this allows to guide the visitors.

Popularity: he is here to get quality backlinks: that is, ideally, follow links, inserted in the pages of websites with large audiences, dealing with the same theme as you. A few methods to get backlinks:

  • offer free resources
  • propose a contest in Exchange for links
  • register in quality directories
  • partnerships with brands
  • make interview or give interviews
  • write articles invited on the blogs of influencers

it is necessary to monitor its backlinks and control their quality , for example through a Majestic SEO tool, such as .

Discover slides of the conference .

why encode its own WordPress theme?

Amphitheatre Brisbane: Conference hosted by Thomas Villain.

Thomas Villain is graphic designer and Web designer since 2004. I wanted to attend the conference because encode its own theme or work from a Premium theme is an issue that comes up very often and debate. I most frequently encountered some staunch advocates of the themes (especially Divi) that the strong supporters of the measure, so I was curious to hear the arguments of Thomas Villain.

After a brief review of the functioning of the WordPress themes, Thomas Villain presents us the advantages and disadvantages.

WordPress themes provide a quick and economic solution to implement. The choice is huge and most of the time the themes offer customization options. But these benefits entail some disadvantages: the offer is so immense that we can drown. Themes create a mode and cause a resemblance between the sites. Some themes are quickly overloaded as it makes CSS changes. Most of the themes are some paid plugins, that’s fine, but it does not benefit from updates, and it threatens the security of our site. Finally, the themes make us them dependent on support, and if, for example, they are not being updated, this can become problematic.

Custom allows to create its universe in total freedom, to have a more original, more personal, site that doesn’t look like the site of the neighbor.

Later in the conference, Thomas Villain explains quickly how to make custom made. He must first define its needs, then get your hands dirty: Thomas Villain recalls then the basics of HTML and CSS, he then explains the structure of a theme and WordPress functions system. He finished by exposing the power of the Custom Post Type and custom fields (ACF), which allow to create complex and powerful websites.

Discover slides of the conference .

after a final conference on social media, WordCamp Bordeaux already ends with the closing conference. Thanks, photo memories…

The rooms are empty, the stands are uninstalled…
It’s time to head to the I-boat for the after party!

WordCamp Bordeaux 4

this WordCamp Bordeaux was my first. And it certainly won’t be the last!

It’s an experience, for its trade, its wealth and its friendliness!

You can find all the conferences offered at the WordCamp site event and twitter .