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2:55 am March 17, 20175679

insert a long indent in Word is simple. There are several ways.

Type Indent by auto correction

  1. twice on the minus button, so that you – see. Then just write
  2. further. The two characters, Word automatically into a long dash.

the indent is longer than the hyphen and is used especially in bays – such as this text here -. Another name is ‘En dash’.

indent keyboard

  • option 1: press and hold the [Alt] and tap the keypad one after the other on the buttons [1], [5], [0].
  • option 2: press simultaneously the buttons [Strg] – [Umschalten] – [-] .
  • option 3: press and hold the [Strg] and tap on the [-] on the numeric keypad of the keyboard.
Gedankenstrich in Word
there are several methods to enter a long indent in Word.

  1. click on Insert
  2. then select symbol – more symbols
  3. open the tab special characters.

now you see a list of special characters , including the Indent. If you want, you can change also the keyboard shortcut.

Gedankenstrich in Word Symbole Sonderzeichen
you can insert the Indent over the symbol selection of Word in a text.

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