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the small paint graphics program comes with Windows. Small? Well. It may be not very much. But for a few basic tasks, it’s a good tool. Here are our tips for editing images and photos.

with Windows Paint a picture small make

images from digital cameras are now pretty huge. The dimensions as well as the amount of data exceed what can be transferred conveniently via the Internet.

read here how you easily can resize images with the help of paint, to be transferred, for example, by E-Mail.

so you scale an image with Windows Paint

  1. to shrink an image, click with the right mouse button on the image icon in Windows Explorer. Choose open with – paint .
  2. below the Register tab start you can find the statement resize . Click on it.
  3. now opens a new window. Here you have the option to reduce an image to a percentage of its size or to give an exact number of pixels that you want to have the image behind.
  4. we decide in the example for the number of pixels. For this, click once on pixel and then enter the number of pixels.

    Option zum Skalieren eines Bildes in Windows Paint
    Option to scale an image in Windows Paint

  5. need the number horizontal only in or vertical to enter. The program automatically calculates the value of each other if aspect ratio option is enabled.
  6. you have entered the desired value, then click OK and already appears in the new size. Save it under a new name, then the best, so that the great original image remains — finally, it may be that you even need it to illuminate it, for example, from a photo service to let.

so you cut up a picture

many digital photos is more than you actually wanted to take pictures. Disturbing details, an unwanted person in the picture, or an inappropriate image proportions. You can resolve many of these problems by cutting to the image.

  1. to cut the photo, you must first load it with paint. The easiest way that comes with it with a right click on the image and then open – Paint .
  2. below the rider’s start find the menu select . Here, the rectangular selection should be already selected. If not, click the small arrow below select and set this option.
  3. If you already have a rectangle to see, it is enough to click once.
  4. make sure that select is colored.

    Windows Paint beim Zuschneiden eines Bildes
    Then Windows Paint for cropping an image

  5. you select the area with the mouse, you would see after the trimming.
  6. click cropping right select command. Then the area of the image away, which runs outside the mark you have previously selected.

video guide image cut images in a different format store

Windows Paint can export image files in another graphic format. This is useful, for example, if you want to further process the images with a program, the only certain image formats can be read. The cast is very simple.

  1. load the image in paint, for example by clicking on the icon with the right mouse button and select open with – paint .
  2. once the image is loaded, select the menu option file – save as .
  3. in the box right you will find already some suggestions for common image formats.

    Einfache Auswahl der Bildformate in Paint
    Easy selection of image formats in paint

  4. If this is desired here by you, click on its icon, enter a file name, and click save .
  5. that is not in the format, use other formats . Then opens the window where you can select a different format.

    Auswahl des Dateityps in Paint
    Select of the file type in paint

caution: when saving to JPEG format, you can enter any level of quality. When you save in JPEG, you get images with small file sizes, although but they are not sure to be further processed with paint or another graphics program.

the capabilities of paint not enough for you, then try the free Paint.NET, we here present: Paint.NET: free image editing for Windows .

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