Windows window disappeared? You get it back!

7:10 pm April 13, 20177552

, it may happen that all of a sudden a window for disappeared because it is outside the visible range. Here, we show how you can recover the window again.

as you move a window back to the desktop

  1. make the program with the missing window to the active program by clicking on its icon in the system tray.
  2. the fastest variant to the retrieve the shortcut key [Win + Umschalten + Pfeil rechts] or [Win + Umschalten + Pfeil links] .
  3. it’s not working, then invoke the window menu by holding the button [Umschalten] and a right mouse click on the program icon in the system tray. 
    Fenstermenü per Taskleiste aufrufen
    Only when holding down [Umschalten] button, this menu appears when you right click.
  4. to select the menu item move to .
  5. now you can move the orphaned window using the arrow keys. You must Herum try probably only a little until it is finally visible.

Windows via keystrokes only on the desktop, repeat

have the above menu for the appearance of the window options not shown or have no working mouse, you can cause alone moving with keyboard input :

  1. press [Alt – Tab] is selected until the desired program.
  2. you call the window menu by combining [Alt + Leertaste] . Because the menu in the upper-left corner of the non-visible window appears, you get this but no visual feedback.
  3. press the [V] , in the window menu, move to select the option .
  4. now try the arrow keys, to bring the application window back into the visible range.

so a window can suddenly disappear

of course, there are cases where a program due to an internal error out of sight device. Much more likely that happens but in monitor mode (see also second monitor on the PC: to connect a second monitor to your computer at .).

to set up the dual monitor operation and away, because it is defective, some applications respond to the second monitor correctly to this new situation. So, remembers the last position, for example, Skype for each chat window and also insists that if the screen is not there anymore. It was placed last on the second monitor it is now invisible.

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