Windows: Viewing the available fonts

4:20 am March 8, 201714848

to see which fonts are installed on your PC, you must not necessarily start a text program and try out the character formatting. Windows can display fonts available and shows send formatted text examples for every font…

Show Windows fonts overview

  1. press enter the keyboard shortcut [Win – R]
  2. : shell: fonts
  3. press the button [Return]

Alternatively enter fonts in the search function and press [Return] . Also display an overview of the existing fonts.

That corresponds to the folder C:WindowsFonts in the Windows Explorer, goes but much faster.

Windows 7 Schriftarten Übersicht
Windows 7 fonts overview

read here how appearance of fonts on the screen with ClearType improve .

Show appearance of installed fonts

here you will get an impression of how the respective font looks around. The underlying icon for the form of a paper stack, Windows knows several cuts of Scripture, so variations such as bold or italic.

Double-click on a font, Windows shows all existing variations. A second double-click on a Variant brings a known sample text, where all the letters of the alphabet occur in different font sizes.

And how to find the special characters in Windows .

Fontbeispiel Georgia
Fontbeispiel Georgia

to see how the respective font on paper make, use the button printing .

Tip: When you open a directory in Windows Explorer that contains fonts, the display looks the same. You have, but then the button the ability to add the straight displayed font for Windows install .

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