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If your Internet connection is very busy, although not consciously, you transfer data, you need information about active Internet connections, to find out which program is responsible. The tools included in Windows you are enough to check this

how to find out what applications transmit

  1. open data task manager, for example using the key combination [Strg – Umschalten – Esc] .
  2. go performance tab and click down on the icon open resource monitor.

    Ressourcenmonitor öffnen
    To invoke the resource monitor.

  3. see no tab, then the simple view is active and you need to click more details first .
  4. now resource monitor , window opens.
  5. you select the tab network . In the first processes with network activity see then, how much data per second upload and download each program.
  6. to find out which consume the most bandwidth, click one of the column headings, bringing the list to upload, download or the sum of both directions is sorted.
  7. all above is the program that currently transfers most of the data.

    Der Ressourcenmonitor zeigt Netzwerkaktivität an
    The resource monitor displays network activity.

  8. in the window below you see broken down each of your connections. Based on the address, you can see whether the respective remote site is on the local network or the Internet.

you can use the resource monitor otherwise good as source of information when problems: how do I out, how much CPU power needs a program? .

so you stop unwanted programs

If you suspect is a process, then click its entry in the list with the right mouse button and select end process.

you are not sure, which purpose for a certain process, then select from the Kontemenü instead choose online .

Prozess untersuchen lassen
so you can examine a process.

Causes although no proper test, searches but in the Internet via the corresponding EXE file name. So can you have often been the process “relieve”, because the Web search uncovered leads information that fit your personal PC configuration.

show active Internet connections on Windows XP

you have the opportunity to find out what is responsible for access to the Internet in Windows XP Professional. This is interesting, if connections to the Internet are built again and again without apparent reason.

However, you must make a small detour through the process ID of a program.

and here’s how: click on start – run and type cmd

  1. a.
  2. on the command line, type the command a netstat o .
  3. PID , you locate the column in details of the interconnected servers. Record this information
  4. start Task Manager with [Strg] – [Alt] – [Entf] and select processes .
  5. turn column Chooser with clicks on view – and enable PID .
  6. click OK and you will see the process numbers. Now you can locate the responsible program based on the previously-listed number.
PIDs in Taskmanager
PID in Task Manager

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