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which makes system restore Windows. Then arise problems with this software, you can enable the last recovery point and to take back all changes.

so you reactivate a restore point in system restore

  1. press [Win + Pause] . It appears the window system and security – system Control Panel.
  2. you left click on the link computer security .

    Der Link zu Computerschutz
    From Control Panel call computer protection.

  3. in the first screen, press the button system restore .

    Der Knopf Systemwiederherstellung
    This button starts the wizard to restore.

  4. now a wizard who again outlined the main points of the concept on the first page will appear. After on you see a list of available restore points with the respective date and the reason for the production, such as “Windows Update”.

    Liste der Wiederherstellungspunkte
    Windows shows you all existing restore points.

  5. as a rule click on now the latest entry. There is your problem already longer, then go back to far. Keep in mind that you can undo the changes. Have you reactivate a previous restore point so you can reach later not yet a newer level.
  6. click on on , Windows shows all details of the selected entry again and asks you to confirm. After that, the process is started.

Note: texts, pictures, or other personal files, since a specific recovery point in editing who remain unaffected driving back. The recovery only cares for the Windows system itself, drivers and install programs.

also the system disk can be blamed on a broken Windows. To test a hard drive .

to get you a preview

  1. system restore press after selecting one of the displayed recovery points on the button for affected programs are looking for.
  2. as result is shown a list of drivers and programs that are removed by the restoration.
  3. below, you see a list of older software versions which would be reactivated with the procedure.

    Programmliste für Systemwiederherstellung
    Program list for system restore

the result of this preview will help you in assessing whether a particular recovery point really could bring the desired result.

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