«««Windows: use the Magnifier to enlarge and end

4:45 am April 20, 201714743

Windows with Magnifier a practical function brings, which allows you to display the current contents of the screen enlarged. It helps if you have trouble reading the screen.

to select the zoom Magnifier

turn, by holding down the [Windows] button and press the [+] key on the numeric keypad.

now the magnifying glass window, which later becomes a normal magnifying glass icon, not to disturb the normal display of the desktop content appears.


Magnifier Magnifier acquainted with several modes of operation. The program notes after the exit the setting and appears in the last used mode. The three modes are:

  • full screen: the entire screen is magnified represented. On the screen you see always a snippet.
  • Lupe: the area under the mouse pointer appears enlarged.
  • docked: the magnification will appear in a separate pane, you can move freely.

depending on the mode you see either specific or all much larger and the screen moves when the mouse reaches the edge of the monitor.

Alles vergrößert
about enlarged

the modes are accessible via keyboard shortcut when the Magnifier is enabled: [Strg] + [Alt] + [F] ) shows the complete screen, , [Strg] + [Alt] + [D] sliding window and [Strg] + [Alt] + [L] the magnification at the mouse pointer. You can select all display options from the program menu.

the combination of key and the plus / minus symbols of the numerical pad change the magnification factor.

so you come back to the normal view

you would no longer know the zoom on the usefulness, but simply just quickly stop?

then try using the keyboard shortcut [Windows] + [Esc] . She finished the screen magnifier.

even the type of font rendering can help increase the visibility of the monitor. Therefore you should set optimally function ClearType .