«««Windows: use keyboard on the screen, if the real keyboard is broken

11:09 pm March 4, 201712417

If your keyboard once gives up the ghost and you at home have no substitute on the fly , you can help yourself with the on-screen keyboard of Windows.

Turn the Windows screen keyboard

  1. the easiest way for the utility by typing “Screen keyboard” in the search box in the taskbar.
  2. With an older Windows, this doesn’t work if necessary. Search Control Panel then in the Center for ease – on-screen keyboard.
  3. Symbolized keyboard click the buttons with the mouse cursor, you want to press.
  4. To achieve characters, which can be reached only by keyboard shortcut, click first on each shift, and then click the normal button – for example [AltGr] followed by [E] , to obtain the euro symbol.
Tastatur am Bildschirm
The on-screen keyboard Windows helps, if the real keyboard for become defective.

To stop the keyboard on the screen, it is sometimes not so easy. You can now get help here: Windows: keyboard disable .

The program tries as well, to be a mini version of a typical PC keyboard features of the on-screen keyboard

. Simply click with the mouse on the desired button.

Special keys such as [Umschalten], [Alt] or [Strg] remains active after clicking and then acts with the next button pressed. Comes in handy: If you press [AltGr] , change the caption of all keys. Those who produce a special character with [AltGr] , show this. All the others are empty.

To achieve one of the function keys, first click on the button [Fnkt] links below. Thus the digit keys toggle above their occupancy, which is good from the changed label.

A handy feature is similar to the word completion, as with many phones. Enter a few letters, used terms, so start at the top often appear. To complete then simply click on the desired variant.

Bildschirmtastatur Wortvorschlaege
The on-screen keyboard is the word suggestions.

You are in an Internet Cafe, you should use the on-screen keyboard when you enter a password, how to retrieve your email. Since most keyloggers can the input thus made not record, but passwords entered directly from the keyboard. A full protection against particularly tricky spy software is not, but better than typing.

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