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image files contain the images of CD or DVD disks. These files can open directly with Windows, or engage as a virtual drive.

so they open in Windows Explorer ISO files

  1. go to the Explorer of Windows 10 or 8 to the folder containing the ISO files.
  2. now double click on one of the files, just as you would want to switch to a regular folder.
  3. without further action Windows 8 opens the file system that is contained in the ISO file and show the top directory level. Here as an example an open image file of an install CD for Ubuntu Linux.
  4. Ordner mit ISO-Dateien
    ISO files folder

  5. you can then in principle all actions carry such on your hard disk. Change folder, see and copy files – everything is possible.
  6. the only caveat: you may only read access to the files. Adding, changing, or deleting is impossible.

so you mount an ISO file as a drive

in the double-click on an ISO file it happened automatically. If you look left on the drive bar, was added here by alone a new entry.

you can this action but also explicitly start without diving into the file system: to do this right click on the ISO file and select the option provide . Windows then searches for the next free drive letter and mount the file system that is contained in the ISO file for this purpose.

to remove a virtual drive again

without further intervention would Windows ISO file mounted as a drive to shut down enabled let.

to consciously uncouple the drive, you can choose different variants:

either go on the drive icon from the left sidebar in the Explorer and invoke the context menu with the right mouse button. There, you choose then take .

Alternatively work the also via the normal programs menu of the Windows Explorer: select the drive and then click Manage from the top bar. This opens a new bar with options that also contains the action take .

ISO Laufwerk auswerfen
ISO drive eject

would you burn ISO files to disk? Also can a modern Windows without any additional software.

make Windows 7 ISO files of the Explorer the files can directly read virtual drives

in older versions of Windows. There are however free software to mount ISO files as virtual drives.

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