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10:57 pm March 3, 201710999

turn on secure log in Windows, you can turn a secure logon. Then, a message that initially [Strg – Alt – Entf] press, before the login screen appears appears instead of the usual login. Only after the key combination, you can also enter a user name and password.

Secure log in Windows turn on

  1. [Win – R] press.
  2. Type netplwiz a.
  3. Click on advanced.
  4. Placing a hook before CTRL + ALT + DEL press is required for registration.
  5. Click OK.
Option zum Sichere Anmeldung einschalten
With one click, you can significantly increase the security of your Windows based computer.

As soon as you log off or restart the computer, the prompt to press [Strg – Alt – Entf] appears. Then you can enter username and password.

Note: This tip works only if you have located on the login screen and previously logged off, or start the computer.

Of course, you can also ensure that Windows automatically logs you on startup .

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