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in Windows you can enlarge partitions on your hard disk or shrink and fit exactly your needs. You need no additional program, but only the supplied disk management.

how to change a partition of

  1. before all actions on hard disks and partitions you should save important data. Give a “partition” in the search box in the taskbar and click on the site
  2. hard disk partitions to create and format . (In Windows 7, you can reach the program via a right click on computer and manage the option – data .)
  3. wait until Windows the installed disk detected and indicates.

    In disk management, you change partitions of your hard drive.

  4. to change the size of a partition, click the partition with the right mouse button and select , volume expand or shrink volume . To extend the volume, so the partition of course still free space must be available. Indicated by the name not mapped to .
  5. if necessary, you must shrink a partition or delete to make room. However, remember that deleting a partition destroys all data on it.

you read here, like formatting a disk .

partition enlarge

If you extend volume selected, appears a wizard. Click here to on . The system indicates then the value to the volume can be extended with maximum. In disk space in MB , you can change this value.

Partition vergrößern in Windows 7
partition enlarge in Windows 7

click continue then on . appears in the following yet, a summary of the changes.

with a click on ready set Windows 7 extends the space available on the partition.

partition resize

If you zoom out volume selected, the program analyzes the hard disk once. Then appears a window in which you can enter the volume to be reduced to how many megabytes. Enter the desired value and start the process by clicking on out . Depending on the State of the hard drive, it may take a while until the partition is resized.

Partition verkleinern in Windows 7
to resize partition that may remember that the data on the volume is fragmented in Windows 7

if not enough space to shrink there is, is. In this case, stop the operation, defrag the volume and start from scratch.

if it then still doesn’t work, a file probably blocked the reduction process. In this case, you are looking for event viewer of Windows after the failure of 259 in the . He also says what file prevents the zoom out. Perhaps it helps to delete this file. And if that fails, try to repair the disk after the deletion.

so you combine drives

disk management you might look.

Win7 Datenträgerverwaltung Übersicht
disk management overview

the graphical display in the bottom pane shows for each physical disk on the Division into volumes, so drives. In the example, the first disk was added to increase the available storage space and new played equal to Windows. The second disk contains a division into several drives.

the drives of the second drive from the screenshot should now be grouped. To all data of the right in the image drive on the middle are copied, then delete the now empty right volume and the medium to the free space for become enlarged.

Conversely it doesn’t work by the way. Because Windows cannot move the beginning of a drive. That’s still special programs reserved.

so, you copy all important data from a drive on the other. After you have made sure that nothing of concern is more included on the disk, right click on its equivalent in the disk management and select delete volume.

If you indicates the program that is the drive still in use, check to see if perhaps still a program that needs access and change its settings, so that the volume is really inactive.

now seems the appropriate place in the management in black color, and is marked as “unallocated”.

Win7 Datenträgerverwaltung Volume löschen
Win7 disk management volume delete

now you need to invoke only the context menu of the Middle drive and extend volume choose. On the Wizard appears extending volumes .

Win7 Datenträgerverwaltung Assistent zum Erweitern
disk management wizard to extend

that is a stand-alone program, because it can be even more in certain configurations of drive, as the simple enlargement of a drive to free space “right” of it.

the newly vacant space to choose should be offered just

. Keep in mind that the size specification is slightly different, as well as in our example. That’s ok.

after the action the distribution of disk looks like from

Win7 Datenträgerverwaltung Volumes zusammengefasst

the volumes are summarized

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