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9:08 pm March 4, 20179459

which is the on-screen keyboard a tool for emergencies, but turning off is difficult in some cases. Quit the program, it’s often back after the next reboot.

So turn you screen keyboard

  1. in the search box of the taskbar “center”, to go to the Center for ease .
  2. Click on the link login settings change in the left margin.

    Link Anmeldeeinstellungen in der Systemsteuerung
    The link to the logon settings in Control Panel

  3. select enter under text without a keyboard all tick off.

    Bildschirmtastatur komplett deaktivieren
    In this window of the Panel permanently disable the on-screen keyboard.

  4. Exit the dialog with OK .

At the next startup, the keyboard should no longer appear.

So disable Windows 7

  1. work also here enter start menu “center” and select in the result list of access Center ease .
  2. Select Administrator settings from the left column of edge of the. There activate the option apply all settings to the logon dialog and click on the button OK .

    Administratoreinstellungen ändern - auf Anmeldedialog anwenden
    Change administrator settings – on login dialog to apply

  3. now they are back at the Center. There, at the bottom of the screen, click computer without a mouse or keyboard use .
  4. Disable the option use on-screen keyboard.

    Bildschirmtastatur deaktivieren
    On-screen keyboard disable

about the replacement keyboard can be so hard to stop

the tenacity of the on-screen keyboard is of course intentional. Who is dependent on them, could no longer operate the PC away just accidentally clicking it.

You RID only then again the on-screen keyboard by simple ending, when you start the program from the start menu or the search function. Is the keyboard on the screen, however, in the login screen, or via the control panel is activated, only the method described above works.

If you are using the on-screen keyboard, here are some special features of the operating information: Windows: use keyboard on the screen, if the real keyboard is broken .

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