«««Windows: to turn from a persistent graphics application on the desktop

1:53 am March 7, 201713899

for programs that work like most running games in its own full-screen mode, switching to another user [Alt + Tab] . Do you for example have in such a case to Skype, without stopping the game, need to take other action.

To switch from a game back on the desktop

  1. press the combination of [Strg + Esc] .  This brings the start menu which pushes Windows the full graphics application in the background and displays also taskbar.
  2. But even that will not work for particularly stubborn programs. In this case, select the Task Manager via [Strg + Umschalten + Esc] .
  3. The combination of [Strg + Alt + Enf] still is sharper. She should bring out from the game and block a variety of different options such as or show Taskmanger .
Beispiel für ein Spiel im Vollbildmodus
Example of a game in full-screen mode

if any of the shortcut key works

none of the displayed options to help you, then you can just try to run the game in “Windowed mode” in the future, to quickly switch to.

In this special display variant, the image no longer occupies the entire space, but runs within a normal Windows window.  This facilitates switching, diminished but usually also the graphics performance and might enjoy the game.

To find this option, in the game under a menu such as system – graphics or similar.

If you wish to set perhaps the volume of the game compared to the Windows sounds? Then find the way to the sound mixer here.

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