Windows: To show you busy radio channel

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many routers in the management interface show, which Wi-Fi channels in the vicinity are being used. Even if your router cannot, at this information – just come via Windows command line.

to locate all occupied radio channels in the vicinity of

  1. you start a command line, about [Win + R] followed by the command “cmd”.
  2. enter the following command: netsh wlan show networks mode = bssid
  3. now shows you Windows for each WLAN in range on the relevant information.

    WLAN Kanalbelegung per Kommandozeile herausfinden
    Windows displays the allocated Wi-Fi channels.

  4. only the radio channel is important to you. The list is bad, can you behind it rely on still a find filter that suppressed everything except the row with the channel: netsh wlan show networks mode = bssid. find “Channel”

now go to the administration interface of your router and switch to a radio channel, which for no direct competition in the neighborhood. It would be even better if even its neighboring channels are free, because side by side slung channels interfere a bit.

the channels 1,5,7,10 and 13 are for example by neighbors, the best Wi-Fi channel would be the number 3, as also its side channels 2 and 4 are blank.

did you know? If you have forgotten it, Windows of your can show Wi-Fi password in clear text. If you use side by side , , LAN and Wi-Fi helps the a setting, that each the fastest variant is used.

alternative: display the radio channels in the router

If your router controls the display of the radio channels, is a more convenient way for you. Go to the browser to the address of the router and log.

in the surface there are sure a menu item “Network”, “Wi-Fi” or “Wi-Fi”. Go in there and look around for a matching item.

a Fritz box you will find the channel assignment for example, under Wi-Fi – wireless channel completely below. Here it is visualized well the interference of the neighbouring channels.

WLAN Kanalbelegung in der Fritzbox
modern router show the Wi-Fi channel assignment in their surface

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