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in Windows there are hidden folders and files that are not visible in normal operation. Here you can read how the hidden entries still can display.


  1. in Windows Explorer, select the tab view and options – change folder and search options there display

    hidden folders and files.

    Zu den Ordneroptionen in Windows 10
    The folder options view opens this menu tab.

  2. with an older version of Windows using instead organize – folder and search options .
  3. in the option window browse to the register view. Find the point where hidden files and folder and select
  4. including the variant hidden files, folders and drives viewing . (In Windows Vista, the option is viewing all files and folder to ).

    versteckte Ordner anzeigen
    So, previously hidden files and folders are visible.

then all hidden files and folders should be visible. But keep in mind that possibly is the folders and files critical system files or directories, which are used by programs or the operating system. Changes should proceed so be very careful, to damage any files.

the Windows Explorer more than you might think, by the way. So it can help organize MP3 files in is a filter option for files and for a automatic file preview .

hidden files in Windows XP show to make visible the hidden files and folders in Windows XP, in Windows Explorer, select a menu option. If you have Windows XP is the Tools – folder options .

you have no Windows XP, but Windows 7, then click and folder and search options instead organizing.

as next, click on the Register tab view .


then, in the list under hidden files and folder which show all files and folders option . After that, hidden files are visible.

Optionen für Versteckte Dateien und Ordner
options for hidden files and folder

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