«««Windows: to determine the type of graphics card and DirectX version

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Windows for a diagnostic tool for the graphics on board since early versions. Thus, you can find out for example what video card is in your computer which driver version is installed and which version of DirectX running your Windows.

Name of the built-in graphics card determine

  1. [Win – R] press and type dxdiag one, to start the program.
  2. If at the start, the question appears if dxdiag to check drivers for you on proper certifications, click on no .

    Abfrage beim Start
    Open query when running DxDiag

  3. after the launch of Dxdiag tab display or 1 display if the graphic card is capable of multi screen.
  4. There is the essential data, such as the manufacturer, the model, the used graphics chip and the memory capacity in the left column.

    Typ der Grafikkarte in Dxdiag ablesen
    The dxdiag program displays the type and manufacturer of your video card.

  5. If you want to check the version of the driver, Dxdiag provides you all the interesting info on the right side.

Which version of DirectX is installed?

system to find out which version of DirectX is installed, click the tab.

Down in system information you will see the version of DirectX.

DirectX-Version ablesen
The DirectX Diagnostics displays the version of the graphics library.

In other information such as the installed version of Windows, the name of the computer, the available space are and so on

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