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under Windows to burn an ISO file to a disc on Windows there are several ways. The simplest results about the vehicle burning program from Windows.

how to burn an ISO file

  1. start the Explorer and navigate to the directory that contains the ISO file. Click with the right mouse button on the file and select the option
  2. burn disk image.
  3. there is no this option, then choose the more long-winded version open with – Windows disk image burner.
  4. now will appear the following window that prompts you to insert a disk.

    ISO Brennprogramm Windows 7
    The ISO burning program from Windows.

  5. turn on the best option disk after burning check , to ensure that the burning process produces a correct result.
  6. click on burn to start the process.

want you can open only an existing ISO file, to get to files, you can save the burning: to access files in ISO and IMG files directly to .

how to burn image files from the type of MDS, NRG, PDI or am

a complete image is a CD-ROM other types of image files but known ISO format, or DVD record. Examples of this include MDS, NRG, PDI or am.

in contrast to ISO format, the Windows directly on a silver disc can burn, you need special software for all other variants. You must not necessarily purchase but a program for this purpose. The freeware also creates ImgBurn .

warning: ImgBurn in the current version installed without asking other software with and tried to add the browser search advertising, which can be prevented by way click of the corresponding check boxes. Be careful so well during the installation that no unwanted additions are installed you.

ImgBurn in German language install

  1. get the program from the manufacturer’s website and download the German translation (german.zip file) from the list including alike.
  2. you install ImgBurn.
  3. open the archive german.zip and unpack the file german.lng in the subdirectory “Languages” of the program. This is usually the folder C:Programme (x 86) ImgBurnLanguages. Burn
  4. how to burn an image file on DVD or CD ROM

image file with ImgBurn after launching the tool shows you a clear overview of its capabilities. Here you always come back EZ mode selector mode – using the menu item.

Imgburn Startbildschirm
the start screen of ImgBurn.
  1. The first icon disc write click image file.
  2. in the next window, you use the browser icon behind Please select a file from .

    Imgburn Datei auswählen
    This inconspicuous button, locate the desired file.

  3. Alternatively drag the file onto the window of ImgBurn drag & drop.
  4. you have inserted a media, ImgBurn will display the right some interesting info about the State of the medium or the free space on it.
  5. now click on the write icon links below to start the burning process.
Imgburn Schreibemodus
ImgBurn describes a disk.

If the automatic media-dependent setting of the write speed failed and a burning process goes wrong, you should make a further attempt and manually reduce the speed factor here.

so you create an image file

  1. with ImgBurn to create an image of a DVD or a CD, click on from the main menu of ImgBurn create entry image file from disc.
  2. choose the source drive and path and name of the file under target , indicate that should be written.
  3. in the possible file types for generated images ImgBurn is not as generous as in the human-readable formats: ISO, IMG and the combination of BIN / CUE must meet.
  4. , a special position occupies even WAV, with which you can create a copy of the included tracks in lossless WAV format of audio disks.

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