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images from the digital camera containing numerous additional information in addition to the pure image data in the EXIF data. You store the camera used, the date of the recording as well as aperture or shutter. These data are sometimes necessary to arrange pictures or find out who for made which image when.

Fortunately, Windows for an easy way to identify the image data since version 7. Also with Windows XP, there is a way of .

how to find out the details of the image

  1. to the image information coming, in Windows Explorer, open the folder that contains the image.
  2. then click the image with the right mouse button and select properties – details .

    Anzeige der Details zu einem Jpeg-Bild in Windows 7
    Display the details of a JPEG image in Windows

  3. details you will see all available Bildinformatioen. In addition you can still review the image and enter title, subject or comments to the image.


If you want to see the information of multiple files in the browser, view the EXIF data of images above method is not practical. Then it is better to let show in Windows Explorer.

  1. start the Explorer and go to the directory containing the photo files.
  2. switch details to view on the list-like appearance.
  3. click with the right mouse button on one of the column headings, and more select the item in the menu that appears.

    Neue Spalten im Explorer auswählen
    Takes you to the selection of new columns in the Explorer.

  4. now get a proverbial list of possible options. For photos only some points are interesting, such as camera manufacturer and model , dimensions , number or focal length .

    Spalten aussuchen
    Here you find out, what the Explorer to display.

  5. select the desired information and exit the dialog.
  6. will now display the new data in the Explorer and see all relevant data in the list.

    EXIF-Daten im Explorer
    The Windows Explorer displays EXIF information.

  7. by clicking on the column header is sorted your image list. You can group so for example all photos of a camera.

If you want to change the EXIF data: you can fix the capture date in one go for many photo files or delete the EXIF data .

to see Windows XP

image information information such as information about Aperture, exposure time, or the mass under Windows XP, proceed as follows:

  1. click with the right mouse button on the image, whose information you want to see.
  2. click on properties in the menu that appears. file info
  3. , click the tab.
  4. click Advanced on .
  5. then appear, if available, the image information.
  6. click leave OK the information window.
Dateiinformation zu Bild
file information to image
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