Windows: The is clock wrong? To set the time of

7:06 pm November 15, 20166008

the clock is wrong in Windows. Or do you have a new computer that still knows not the correct date and time? Then help our tips for the Windows clock.

to set the time in Windows

Windows shows right down in the bar’s always the current time?

make the time, click with the right mouse button on the clock in the taskbar. Then choose Modify date/time. Now it goes on differently depending on the version of Windows: Windows 10


Watch questions 1. The time to adjust by hand, you automatically go under time set switch to from .

2. Then click Change .

In Windows 10 wird die Uhrzeit automatisch eingestellt.
in Windows 10, the time is automatically set.

3. now you can set date and time manually.

Nach dem Abschalten der Automatik können Sie die Zeit in Windows 10 von Hand einstellen.
to turn off the automatic you can set the time in Windows 10 by hand.

Clock set 1 in Windows 7

click in the tab date and time button date and time change .

Uhrzeit ändern in Windows 7

7 change in Windows 2. In the box below the clock, you can then enter the appropriate time.

3. Click OK to save the new time. And that is on the desktop right correctly displayed.

read you here as the time quickly add Word to you can.

Internet time set

Windows bring in the default setting the current time from the Internet. If the clock is wrong, you should want to see, whether and which server the Internet time is abgegelichen

, this is how:

  1. click with the right mouse button on the clock display right at the bottom of the taskbar.
  2. following a click on date/time change .
  3. then it goes on differently depending on the version of Windows.

time server set in Windows 10

1. scroll down, until you related settings see .

2. Then click on additional date, time, and regional settings .

Windows 10 hat noch mehr Einstellungen für Uhrzeit und Datum zu bieten.
Windows 10 for to offer even more settings for date and time.

3. it clicks follow Internet , time to date and time , and then click the tab.

In den erweiterten Zeiteinstellungen finden Sie auch die Optionen für die Internet-Zeit.
in the advanced settings of the time you can find also the options for Internet time.

4. click on settings change… You can change the time server now.

time server set in Windows 7

1. open you the tab Internet , time and click on settings change .

Vista-Dialog zum Uhrzeit synchronisieren
Vista dialog at the time sync

2. After clicking on continue select sync with an Internet time server, select a time server, or leave it at the default setting .

3. If you have changed the server, click on , update now. Then, Windows get the current time from the server. It takes a moment, then, the system reports the successful synchronization.