Windows: System information fast get

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Windows provides several options to determine system information about your computer. These data provide important information when searching for sources of error, or if you want to generally get a complete overview of a system.

so you call in 10 Windows system information from

  1. click with the right mouse button the Start button left below
  2. click the following settings. 

    Schaltfläche Einstellungen
    the Start button takes you via right click to the settings .

  3. then click on info system and at the bottom in the list.

    Systeminformationen in Windows 10
    System information in Windows 10

  4. now see the most important system information in Windows 10

system information in Windows 8.1

  1. run the mouse pointer right down over the small minus icon on the desktop or wipe out the settings menu from the right edge of the screen in.
  2. open and in PC settings change .
  3. as clicking next or tap PC and devices . In the menu that then appears, you see the entry PC-info at the bottom.
  4. you tap on it and Windows 8.1 shows the most important information about your system, including the processor, the memory capacity and the Windows Edition.

    PC-Information unter Windows 8.1
    PC information under Windows 8.1

so you print system information as a text file

to the above routes, for a certain version of Windows for the program msinfo32 the advantage on all desktop versions of Windows to be available. Despite the name, it works also on 64-bit systems. Another advantage: You can print the displayed information as a text file. So you can for example easily collect the data of multiple PCs and later evaluate.

  1. , press [Win – R].
  2. you type the command an msinfo32 .
  3. after the touch of a button on [Return] you will see a the program with detailed system information in different categories.

    MS Info 32
    MS info 32

  4. to the data displayed in the form of text, use file – export .
  5. file – save allows you to backup the information in a format that can later reload msinfo32 and represent.

by the way, also a utility provides the graphic interface DirectX -valuable information about the built-in graphics card .

shows all data via the PC at

lower than the supplied tools freeware Speccy Windows analysis of , a free tool, Speccy that displays this information pretty divided.

already on the home page of only about 3 MB of large program, you can see the trouble that have made the programmer. There you can find all important key figures, such as the exact version of the operating system, size and type of the built-in RAM or data to the CPU.

Die Freeware Speccy
the freeware Speccy on the home page provides this information.

Very practical too, that Speccy reads the data of all found temperature sensors by CPU, mainboard, Grafikkkarte and hard drives and here just collected shows.

click on the entries of under headings links brings you then on this specific issue, where more detailed data for each of the areas are supplied.

click on RAM , learn how many banks of memory your PC for, how many of them are still available and the memory latches work with what timing.

Speccy Unterpunkt RAM
Speccy sub-item RAM