Windows: Start programs using keyboard shortcut

11:12 am March 11, 201711324

sometimes it is handy to be able to run certain tools or applications without mouse with a specific key combination. To do this, there are two different ways.

to start a program from the taskbar of

  1. keyboard adopted, your taskbar looks like because you frequently use Thunderbird, Word and Excel:

    Win8 Taskleiste mit Icons
    the taskbar with important icons

  2. for calling the programs using the keyboard hold the Windows key and press Add to this number , which corresponds to the respective place in the system tray. Windows simply numbered the icons from left to right.
  3. your taskbar looks for example like above and you want out quickly call Excel from a browser session, then press [Win + 3] and Excel will start.

    Beispiel Programmaufruf aus Taskleiste
    Sample program call from system tray

  4. Excel is started and is running in the foreground, it is minimized on the shortcut [Win + 3] . Another keystroke brings it back to the surface.
  5. make sure that only the normal number keys above the letters, but not that of the numeric block right work.

doesn’t work it out with you, might be a game keyboard fault. Because these keyboards have a switch, to generally shut down the Windows key, so that accidental activation pauses the game. If that is so, then switch back again from game mode to normal mode and it should work.

to start programs through any keyboard shortcut

  1. you are looking for the program using the box in the taskbar. Right click the site
  2. and select location open .

    Speicherort öffnen
    How to get to the link for an entry in the start menu.

  3. the Explorer link for tagged now, that used the start menu for the desired program.

    Die Verknüpfung von Excel
    The start menu uses this shortcut for Excel.

  4. right click on the link and select properties .
  5. use the mouse cursor to the field keyboard shortcut .

    Programmstart per Tastenkürzel
    To set up the program to start via keyboard shortcuts.

  6. now press a combination of [Strg] , [Umschalten] and [Alt] plus the normal letter keys. Use a combination that you can easily remember, as in the example with the “C” for “Chrome”.
  7. Windows leaving to not all combinations, so you make ineffective accidentally given abbreviations such as [Strg + C] .

after closing via OK call up the program on the selected combination can be.

This also works if you have an other application open. So, for example, within, you can start the browser by Word to look up something.

the link matching is too complicated you to the start menu, you can also create a create a shortcut for the program on the desktop and then go about their properties .

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