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modern portable computers have installed an intelligent charging electronics. With the right software tool you can use this to test the capacity of the notebook battery.

so Windows 10 and 8 returns the current battery capacity

  1. start an admin command line – for example by right clicking on the Start button and select command prompt (Administrator) . [
  2. you type on the command line a powercfg / batteryreport % homepath%DesktopAkku.htm[19459025output]
  3. you can to simplify here copy command in the browser to the Clipboard and paste it into the window via [Strg + V] .
  4. after the success message, you can close the command line window.
  5. on the desktop a file “Akku.htm” was generated by the command.
  6. you double click the file and it in the browser a report is represented with lots of information.
  7. the two are the most interesting values ‘ design capacity “and” full charge capacity “, the battery delivered and currently showing.

    Battery Report von Windows
    The State report of a laptop battery specified by Windows.

  8. If you set both values to the relationship, you will learn how much the battery still for its original capacity.
  9. in the example, there are 69 mWh / 84 mWh, approximately 82% of remaining capacity.

so you can display the battery level with Windows 7

  1. start a command line in administrator mode. The easiest way you type into the start menu cmd a and close the input with a simple return off, but with [Strg + Umschalten + Return]. [Confirmtheadminmodebeginsasthetitlebarofthecommandlinewith”Administrator”
  2. you enter in the command line: energy powercfg – energy output % homepath%DesktopAkku.htm

    Akkudiagnose in Windows 7
    battery info in Windows 7

  3. the utility monitors now a minute long the hardware to your notebook, and then emits an HTML file on the desktop.
  4. this file “Akku.htm” now open the browser by double-clicking on its icon.
  5. in the file that contains many General information about energy efficiency, search for “Arrow”. There you will find a report how

    Akkukapazität anzeigen
    battery capacity display

  6. from two values, you can determine how the battery still for much of its original power. In the example here, it is 72816/76960 = 94.7%

If your notebook when folding to always shuts down instead of going into hibernation, more practical, learn how to change this: Windows rest State enable .

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