Windows: So just take a USB stick from

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USB flash drives and other removable media have a problem: before you from plug it from the computer, you should tell the operating system with that you now remove the device. This tip shows how to do it.


  1. in Windows Explorer open the Windows Explorer, by left click on the folder icon down in the taskbar or press [Win + E]
  2. in the left side bar below from this PC (for older systems is the entry computer) you will then see the USB stick you are using.
  3. click with the right mouse button on the name of the drive and select eject then .

    Auswerfen über den Windows Explorer
    Eject through Windows Explorer

If you go this route instead of the USB stick simply to pull it off, to Windows ensure that all write operations are completed. Otherwise the data is on the drive may be incomplete.

on the topic of mobile disk find a lot more in the tip Scout. We explain how to formatting a USB stick, awarded fixed drive letter or the data when copying to the stick compress using ZIP format to save space .

in the system tray will eject

a second trail leads from the taskbar right below on the desktop of your Windows PC using the icon hardware safely eject .

  1. If you don’t stick to see the icon with the symbolized, click the small triangle in the taskbar. Then opens a small window with all symbols.

    Symbol für das Auswerfen von Geräten
    Safely remove hardware like the icon in Windows 10 of

  2. click once the Symbol.Es a list of USB devices will appear.
  3. identify the entry for the USB stick, you want to throw out the the drive letter or the manufacturer and click on it.

    Liste von USB-Geräten für das Auswerfen.
    Select the desired device from the list.

  4. now Windows ends all pending write operations on the disk.
  5. If you see the message, that the device can be removed safely you may stick attract.
  6. , however, see the notes that it is still in use, you must stop any applications that access and repeat the log off.

by the way: In contrast to previous versions Windows reports error, since version 8 If you just pull off a USB stick – provided no data to write more. If the stick pull off while Windows copies files, however the system logs. You can then stick the plug and repeat the copy.

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