«««Windows shutdown – shutdown via command prompt (cmd)

4:30 am April 19, 20178505

shutdown with the command line you can cmd from Windows from the command prompt quickly shut down or restart. Read here how to do it and the most important parameters.

Windows shut down with shutdown

start with clicks start and run the Windows command prompt.

you are typing then:

 shutdown / s / t 0 

after the touch of a button on [Return] are closed all applications and Windows without further question shut down.

to reboot the Windows reboot via command prompt

Windows, type:

 shutdown / r / t 0 

then the PC will restart.

Shutdown-Befehl Parameter
the shutdown command brings many parameters to your own or another computer to shut down.

To turn off the password when you start Windows from .

more parameters for shutdown in the command prompt

  • / s – delay shutting down the computer with something
  • / r – starts the computer with some delay-new
  • / l – logs the current user from
  • /t xxx – delayed the execution to xxx seconds. A value of 0 causes the command without delay
  • / a b – cancels the shutdown (if timer with / set t) i – starts a graphical user interface