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Windows hid

important system files particularly well. You are also with in Windows: viewing hidden files can be procedures to make invisible. But there is still another trick with which you really get the full overview.

so you visualize system files

  1. you open a folder with Windows Explorer.
  2. tab, select view and changing there Options – folder and search options.

    Zu den Ordneroptionen in Windows 10
    The folder options view opens this menu tab.

  3. in older versions of Windows, take the path over organize – folder and search options .
  4. now appears a new window with the options. Click view on the tab.
  5. then remove the check mark from protected hide system files (recommended) remove.

    Geschützte Systemdateien anzeigen
    Here you will find the option to unhide system files.

  6. after clicking on OK still a warning will appear. As soon as you confirm that the well hidden files appear.
  7. if no system files appear, this is because that the system files are also hidden. Then you must show in addition the option hidden files, drives, and folders enable .

by the way the Windows Explorer dominated even more tricks: he brings in MP3 files order, offers automatic previewing of files a , provides a filtered view for files and displays the current directory path as copiable text .

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