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with the time you lose the overview: which the separate folder are now actually freely given? Windows comes with a matching tool exactly for this purpose, that übersichrlich shows you all the important information to share.

so you can see what shares your PC in the network are accessible

  1. click with the right mouse button the Start button left below.
  2. from the menu that appears the computer management select entry.
  3. click shared folder in the left margin to the point.
  4. you can now see right all existing shares.

    Netzwerkfreigaben anzeigen
    In computer management, you will see all shared directories on your PC.

not all the represented shares are directly usable by others. When the network shares represented in the image C$ , D$ and so on are hidden, administrative shares. They help in the management of the computer via the network.

so you know which files by others are open

stands for a share in the number of client connections column a number greater than zero, you already see that this release from a different computer in use is.

you can also find out which file or files being in use.

click open files in the left window on the entry. This Toggles the display on the right side and displays a list of files instead of the shares which are currently used on the network share.

you will see the name of the user, as well as the mode in which the file was opened, only to read or to write in addition to the file path.

to modify or delete a share of

one of the displayed folders should be not more others available, you right click on it and select unshare.

you would, however, change the permissions, or holding the description, for example, on the desired entry, do one double click through and get a window with all the properties to work over, which is also available at the creation of shares.

Freigabe überarbeiten you can directly make changes because
from the list of the available shares.

To open the tool with older versions of Windows

your PC with Windows Vista, is equipped 7 or 8.x? Then it works with the display of the shared folder as:

  1. via the keyboard shortcut [Win + R] the window run you can display.
  2. you enter: fsmgmt.msc
  3. to confirm the input window appears shared folders, alone, i.e. without being embedded in the computer management.

    Überblick über Windows-Vista-Freigaben
    Overview of Windows shares in the network

we have tips, how to create new a share or released the to other computers on the network can find .