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to monitor size in Windows screen resolution optimally adjust, so that you get a sharp and fatigue-free representation of the image. Here you read, how to do it easily.

how to change the resolution in Windows 10

  1. click on an empty space on the desktop and display select the item in the menu that appears.
  2. you are screen in the system settings.
  3. at the bottom, you will find the list box resolution .

    Bildschirmauflösung einstellen
    Here you select the screen resolution.

  4. click it and Windows shows a collection of all possible ways.
  5. the variant, which recommends Windows that matches the native resolution of your monitor. So achieves the best representation.

adjust screen resolution in Windows 7

in Windows 7 with the right mouse button, click once on an empty space of the image background and choose then screen resolution .

in the window that then appears click right resolution on the small list box. Then opens a slider that you can use to set the resolution.

Bildschirmaufloesung mit Windows 7 einstellen

setting screen resolution with Windows 7 which resolution is ideal?

as a general rule: file with 15 inch screen size 800 x 600 pixels, with 17 inch 1024 x 768. From 21-inch try it with 1600 x 1200 pixels, 16:9-screens have 1920 times 1200 pixels.

with LCD screens, there is always a resolution, in which the monitors ideal work. If necessary, look in the manual for the monitor. This should normally be the option, behind the Windows recommended Specifies the addition of . Because Windows learns my skills from the monitor and displays highlighted its physical resolution in this way.

in addition also monitor calibration to the resolution is important and the correct ClearType settings , to obtain an optimal display.

do you know your PC is equipped with what graphics card? So you figure it out: Windows: graphics card see .

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