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actually the screen saver in Windows is no longer so important. But he looks good. Read here how to set up a Windows screen saver.

Windows screen saver enable

  1. enter screensaver into the search box of Windows.
  2. Open screensaver change .
  3. To activate the screen saver, select an entry in the screensaver , for example loop .
  4. Enter a duration in wait in minutes, from the will to turn the screen saver.
  5. Password protection after turning off the screen saver click to uncheck login page reactivation .
  6. Click on Preview to see the screen saver in action.
  7. OK to save the settings.
Windows Bildschirmschoner einrichten
Even if he is not more really useful, you can set a screen saver is still in Windows.

Why are screen savers no longer necessary?

Since Windows 7 screensavers of from House are disabled. You are not out of date.

Originally they were there, to avoid branding image tube screens. However, burdening the screensaver video card and cost energy unnecessarily.

Therefore, the screen saver were replaced by a computer hibernate. Which saves energy and turns the screen just black and in standby mode.

Read here how to make in Windows a screenshot.

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