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6:06 am March 14, 201710671

which takes file hiberfil.sys on your Windows hard drive the entire contents of the memory save, if the computer goes into sleep mode. You never use this mode you can clear the place by disabling hibernation.

just Windows itself can be used to delete the hiberfil.sys

  1. in the search box of the taskbar, type a “power options”.
  2. click on the same site.

    Hereby, you quickly come to the correct point in the control panel.

  3. in the next window, click Select what happens when you press the power button links to .
  4. you can now see below have the option for hibernation. She is still grayed out.
  5. use the link to access the options some settings are not available at the moment.

    Ruhezustand deaktivieren
    After you have clicked the link above, you can switch the hibernation below.

  6. remove the check mark before hibernation, and this mode for disappeared along with the hiberfil.sys file.

alternative: click the Start button with the right mouse button Delete hiberfil.sys from the command line

  1. .
  2. you select from the menu “command prompt (Administrator)
  3. you confirm enter the security query of the system yes
  4. In the command line window appears: powercfg-h off
  5. there is no confirmation for the change.” Look about, the hyberfil.sys file should be continued and wasting any space.
  6. you later want to re-enable hibernation

  7. case, repeat the above procedure, but at the end, type: powercfg-h on

this is the hibernation file as

moves the entire contents of its main store on the hard drive of the PC In sleep mode and turns off. In contrast to the stand by mode, he needs no power doing so.

if now the computer is tuned on again, he again reads the contents of the hiberfil.sys and thus restores the State before shutting off. It works much faster than a normal startup, where the PC must individually only download all programs.

the energy options can be set if the idle state for example when pressing the power button or close the laptop lid should be included.

bothers you at rest not the usage of space, but the need to sign up? Then take a look at this tip: in Windows the password prompt after standby switch off .

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