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9:14 pm April 13, 20175973

If you change the icons of shortcuts on the desktop in Windows, or double-clicking on an icon starts the wrong program , that for mostly same cause.

such problems always occur when the mapping of file extensions to applications is disturbed. That can happen, for example, that open the action on a link with… have applied.

Desktop zeigt falsche Icons für EXE-Dateien an
if the desktop displays all EXE links with same wrong symbol, you must fix the errors in the registry.

So fix allocation problems itself

there are utilities that restore the links (see to repair the link problems with a program ). But if you are familiar with Windows, you can help yourself:

  1. to launch the registry editor (regedit.exe) and HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerFileExts go there to the branch.
  2. in this section you will find a collection of all known in the system file extensions

    Regedit Zweig FileExts
    Regedit branch FileExts

  3. find out the ending, in which there are problems.
  4. are broken as in the example all desktop shortcuts to programs, is the branch of “.” LNK”.

    Regedit Zweig FileExts-LNK
    The branch FileExts LNK

  5. you there is the sub-item UserChoice , as shown in the image above, then click on it with the right mouse button.
  6. in the menu that appears, select the option delete .

    Regedit UserChoice löschen
    Regedit UserChoice delete

  7. then exit regedit, log off of Windows and back on. Alternatively, also a restart of Windows will help.
  8. If you log again, the problem should be fixed.

so you can fix the error yourself Windows

in previous versions of Windows you couldn’t solve these problems with the software tool box separately offered by Microsoft “Fix-It”. The software giant for let expire this program but.

my legitimate successor is the troubleshooting , settings for Windows 10 in the window. There’s a number of typical problem areas. Unfortunately nothing is but at least the stand April 2017, to solve the problem with the icons. But, it could be that it already looks quite different, if you lesenb this post, because Microsoft builds a Yes new solutions.

Windows Problembehandlung
the Windows troubleshooting looks at you perhaps already very different and can fix the incorrect icon assignment.

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