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you want to enable the Windows rest State? Then, read here how to do it.

Enable Windows rest State – enter in the search box of Windows Control Panel Guide

  1. and open the control panel.
  2. Click hardware and sound .
  3. Next follows a click on power options .
  4. Click left in the margin on select what happen when you press power switches should (select what should happen when the collapse of the computer stands on notebooks here ).
  5. It follows a click on some settings are not available at the moment.
  6. Put a tick against sleep settings for shutting down .
  7. changes click Save .
Windows Ruhezustand aktivieren
To set sleep mode, open the control panel.

Windows put into hibernation

  1. to put Windows into Hibernate mode, click the Start button.
  2. Then click the icon for a / off (the vertical bar in the district).
  3. Then, from the menu, select the entry sleep .
Menü zum Ruhezustand aktivieren in Windows
Once set up, you can use Hibernate a/off box enable

Windows XP relaxation State

  1. for the mode to work, must support him the mainboard.
  2. Enable the option in Control Panel – Power Options – Hibernate .
  3. Go to switch off start – and hold down the SHIFT key. Only that will Hibernate from the icon for “Standby”.

why sleep?

From hibernation a PC again so quickly wakes up, as from the standby mode. The device needs no power in sleep mode for this but, because the computer for its current status permanently secured hard drive, while a standby part which hardware is still running.

However, the Hibernate permanently costs the location for the backup file, such as size of the main memory .

The space is more important than the convenience, then continue reading here: save space by deleting the Hibernate file .

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