Windows: Recycle Bin gone – what to do?

3:55 am March 7, 201713173

usually the Windows Recycle Bin on the desktop is displayed. But what if the Recycle Bin for disappeared?

Trash away in Windows 10?

  1. With the right mouse button, click the Start button.
  2. Click Control Panel .
  3. Open appearance and personalization .
  4. Click adaptation .
  5. It follows a mouse click on change desktop icons.
  6. Put a tick against trash .
  7. Click OK .

Then, the Recycle Bin should reappear on the desktop. If not, see the next section.

Read here, if you want to know how one empties the Recycle Bin .

Desktop icons in Windows 10 show

if in spite of the measures in the previous step the trash hasn’t come back yet, probably the desktop icons are disabled. To resolve the problem:

  1. click with the right mouse button on the background of the image.
  2. Select view .
  3. Click Show desktop icons .

By the way, you can delete files without going through the trash permanently.

Recycle bin disappeared in Windows 7?

Click once with the right mouse button on the wallpaper and choose customize – change desktop icons .

Papierkorb wieder herstellen im Menü Desktopsymboleinstellungen
Restore the Recycle Bin in desktop icon settings

then click on trash , so that a check mark appears in the box before. The Recycle Bin on the desktop is to see again after clicking on OK .

If the Recycle Bin is too small, please read the next tip: Trash: resize .

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