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10:40 am March 9, 201710176

with exotic or very old printers, Windows finds no driver. Usually, it can be but a replacement driver get to again run the device.

to install a replacement driver for your printer

  1. you should check first, whether there is not yet a suitable driver designed only for an older Windows. You can make the very often work with a trick: Windows: old printer driver install .
  2. nothing can be found, then calling printer & scanner the dialog, in which you enter in the search box of the taskbar “printer”.
  3. click on the button printer add . Windows will now search for the printer, will be probably no match

    Drucker hinzufuegen
    hereby starts the search for a new printer.

  4. after the unsuccessful search appears below a new link , click on the desired printer is not listed.

    Drucker ist nicht aufgelistet
    Here we continue if Windows can’t find a printer known to him.

  5. now a dialog with several options appears. The first ( my printer is slightly older… ) you can try, but mostly she finds nothing, if the normal mechanism of Windows fails.
  6. choose instead the last option local printer… Add .

    Lokalen Drucker manuell hinzufügen
    Manually add printers local

  7. In the next dialog Windows wants to know the following. For very old devices, it may be the parallel port LPT1, otherwise a USB port
  8. goes then to the selection of the printer manufacturer and model.

    Druckerhersteller auswaehlen
    Select manufacturer and model of your device.

  9. you are here looking for, complete further dialogue with .
  10. try the test pressure the printer properties, whether the driver is working properly.

if the printer is not in the list is

you have two options. For one, you can bring in experience whether your device is compatible to a models offered by Windows maybe. Often, yes printer master all skills of the prior model. This would make sense as such http://druckerchannel.de , a request in the support forum of the manufacturer or an independent page.

the last possibility is that the printer of from home or from a particular setting must support one of the widely used “printer languages” such as PostScript or the PCL established by Hewlett-Packard. This is the case, then select HP – LaserJet family driver HP for example the driver for PostScript or HP – LaserJet family driver PCL for PCL.

in general you should expect that the printer’s capabilities are not supported when using a replacement driver. You can then use not the highest resolution for example or have to settle for the standard shaft, although your device may have multiple paper trays.

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