«««Windows path to a folder in the Explorer, find out

4:48 am March 3, 201710924

in the address bar of any folder window, Windows displays the real path to a folder, but a kind of clickable structure , with which you can navigate through the levels. But with a trick, you can display the full Windows path.

Many Windows users are still the classic file paths used. In addition, it may be also that you want to copy the folder path to the Clipboard and use elsewhere.

Windows: viewing folder path

  1. open Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to a folder whose path you want to display.
  3. Left click on the small folder icon next to the folder name.
  4. Then immediately jumps to the display in the address window, and see the actual path to the folder.

Tip: You can change the path of the folder by hand here to go to a different folder.

By the way: folder common to copy in the Quick Access toolbar . This saves time.

Windows Pfad herausfinden
By clicking on the small icon in front of the folder name, you can toggle on the path.
Windows Originalpfad eines Ordners
After clicking on the complete path is displayed. You can for example to the Clipboard copy or if necessary, also change.

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