Windows: Old printer driver install

2:18 am March 8, 20178216

you have a printer for Windows offers no suitable driver? Then, you can try to get an older driver the operating system.

Matching older drivers looking for

you are looking for via the support Web site of the manufacturer a printer driver for an older version of Windows – based on current, the better.

But watch out: the bit width of the driver must match the edition of your operating system. If you do not know this: Windows 32 or 64-bit? So figure it out .

Will not find it on the Internet, use the driver supplied CD.

as you continue hanging with the printer from the Windows version or for which the driver for been written.

Installing printer drivers Windows 8.x

  1. give a “printer” in the search box in the taskbar and click the site printer & scanner .
  2. Look there if Windows perhaps for in principle recognized the device, but driver not available reports.
  3. If there are there as a record, you delete the entry with the button remove device.

    Vorhandenen Drucker löschen
    If there is this entry for your printer, then remove him.

  4. Now start the downloaded installation program for the printer driver from Windows 8 or 8.1
  5. after the end of the installation should work the printer, since the driver of the previous version on Windows 10


  1. printer driver from Windows 7 or Vista with Windows Explorer on the directory where the installation program is go. That is usually SETUP. EXE or install. EXE.
  2. Click on this program with the right mouse button and select properties .

    Windows 7 alte Druckertreiber installieren 1
    Here you can set how Windows should handle the installation program.

  3. Under compatibility , set the compatibility mode so that it fits to the Windows version, for which the driver was developed so for example Windows Vista as shown in the picture.
  4. Start your customized just file and install the driver.

    Windows 7 alte Druckertreiber installieren 2

  5. through the adaptation of the manage compatibility in most cases that to bring the old printer driver installs the old printer driver.

If there is only a very old driver

you will find only one printer driver for Windows XP, then you can try the second method. Mostly, but also the compatibility mode will not help.

You can only try to use the printer in a standard mode, how about “HP LaserJet” or “Postscript” and the appropriate driver manually install.

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