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5:59 am March 28, 201715430

on the taskbar of Windows can open and run. Now there software, where it is useful to have multiple versions, such as the Windows Explorer at the same time. You can do this quite simply.

to open a new instance of a program

you want to open a new instance, there are several alternatives:

If you click on an icon with the mouse and instead of [Umschalten] that hold button [Strg] , then turn it all already launched instances in the foreground.

so you see, if more than one instance of a program, the taskbar runs

shows a suggested shadow that runs more than just a version of the program. In Windows 7, you can see that well:

Taskbar mehrere Instanzen
the shadow is multiple program instances on Windows 7

Windows 8 or 10, however, so dimly visible, that you hardly recognize it. Here, it is better if you just remain with the mouse cursor over the icon. Then Windows displays the preview and you realize just how many window just run the application.

in Windows 10 shows how many Windows of an app running.

Want to learn how to extend the taskbar? Here is the solution: to put in Windows program icons in the taskbar from .

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