Windows: Move taskbar

5:08 am March 11, 20178748

not everyone likes it that sits in Windows taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Well, that allows Windows, the taskbar is also on the side to top position at the top. Move the following tips to the taskbar work with Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10

the Windows taskbar move

drag & drop is move taskbar easily.

  1. you move the mouse pointer over an empty space on the taskbar.
  2. press the mouse button and drag the taskbar when holding the mouse button on the top, left, or right edge of the screen.
  3. once you far enough from the edge have moved the mouse pointer, jumps the taskbar automatically to the new location.
Taskleiste am linken Bildschirmrand
taskbar on the left

If you want to, you can freeze the taskbar again afterwards. Set to do so again, with the right mouse button, click the bar and uncheck before taskbar fix .

read here how to save taskbar space or how to completely hide the bar in the .

taskbar can not shift

“I can not move the taskbar,” one often hears as a question. While the answer in most cases is quite simple.

  1. make sure that it is protected against accidental or deliberate move so that the taskbar is not fixed.
  2. to verify this, click with the right mouse button once a vacancy the taskbar.
  3. before taskbar fix to see a check mark is, click once on it. The check mark disappears.
Menueleiste fixieren in Windows 7
menu bar fix in Windows 7

is the check mark is gone, you can the taskbar, resize or move as described above to a different part of the Windows desktop. Then, it is worth to fix the bar to protect them from accidental moving.

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