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Windows delivers with its own program for E-Mail. Read here how to set up a new account in the mail program.

Windows 10 E-mail account set up

  1. click on the Start button, and then click email .
  2. the following a click on and accounts account add .
  3. select a type from the list and follow the instructions.
  4. If you have any of the listed types of account, click other account .
  5. enter mail address, sender name and password and start setting up.
  6. everything else happens automatically.

if there are still problems when setting up the mail account, logs to Windows Mail and helps to resolve the problem.

Windows Mail Konto einrichten
with a few simple steps, you set up a new mail account in Windows.

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Windows 7 Gmail account automatically set up

  1. click on the Start button and enter mail into the small search box.
  2. , open Windows Live Mail .
  3. if the first time you start Windows mail, the wizard to establish an E-Mail account appears immediately. If not, click once on email add .
  4. in the window, type Add the email account into the upper box E-Mail address your email address.
  5. then press on the [Tab] button and enter your password.
  6. If you save the setting password leave enabled, you need to enter the password only once. If you disable this option, however, the program when retrieving mail again ask for the password. It’s not so convenient, but safe.
  7. in the field display name finally enter the name, which is to be seen in your emails.
  8. click on on .
  9. then continues Windows Live Mail with the email provider in connection and tries to determine the correct connection information.
Windows Live Mail: Konto hinzufügen
Windows Live Mail: Add account

Windows 7 mail settings manually adjust

caution: get here required data such as the server name and details of the encryption, your provider.

  1. follow the steps 1 to 5 in the instructions “set up Windows 7 mail account” above.
  2. then you put a tick against the option server settings for your E-Mail account manually configure .
  3. click on on .
  4. first, you choose the type of the incoming mail server. Usually it’s POP3 or IMAP .
  5. then enter the address of the incoming mail server.
  6. select the SSL-connection.
  7. also the mode required under login with learn where appropriate with your provider. In case of doubt here leave it at the default setting.
  8. the login ID must be filled in. Enter your email address here.
  9. also the data necessary for the outgoing mail server you get from your provider.
  10. enable, where appropriate, the secure connection and authentication.  You will receive this information from your provider.
  11. once you have the data to each other, click Next and confirm the message below appears set with finished .
Windows Live Mail - Mail-Konto von Hand konfigurieren
Windows Live Mail – mail account manually configure