Windows: LAN and WLAN side by side using

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above all laptops have almost all over Wi-Fi and LAN. Thanks to this, you can surfing comfortably wireless, for example, in the garden, and later at the desk then work with fast LAN. So then alone, plugging in the network cable prefers the faster Ethernet, you need to adjust the priority in Windows.

so you enter the Wi-Fi adapter that higher priority

  1. click in Windows 10 with the right mouse button the Start button left below and select network connections .
  2. in the window that appears, use the button change adapter options.
  3. right click on the icon for the Ethernet connection in the connection list and select properties .
    Eigenschaften der Netzwerkverbindung ändern

  4. to change the properties of the network connection In the Properties dialog, select the line Internet Protocol, version 4 (your network with IPv6, working the entry then instead on … Version 6 ends). properties
  5. , click the button.

    Eigenschaften von TCP/IP Version 4 ändern
    Change the properties of TCP/IP version 4

  6. In the next window, select the button extended .
  7. now have a window to remove automatic metric check again.
  8. field for therefore become interface metric free. Here are the number of 10 an and klciken OK .
  9. close all Windows again reaching to you in the list of network connections.
  10. repeat the last steps for the entry of the Wi-Fi adapter, use the number 20 for the interface metric. 

    Schnittstellenmetrik eintragen
    this numeric value determines the priority of the network adapter and helps to use conflict-free LAN and Wi-Fi.

  11. is completed, restart the PC.

a lower number interface metrics This ensures a higher priority. So the PC in Wi-Fi is logged on and the LAN cable plugged in, Windows uses the faster wired network. The LAN is inactive, it uses the Wi-Fi. So you use optimal side by side LAN and Wi-Fi.

that the necessary steps for Windows 7, which you see below are much easier, is not understandable. But since Windows 10 is so constantly in a State of flux, there are perhaps soon also a “better” way to set the priority of network adapters.

want to connect to your computer via LAN or Wi-Fi to a server share? Then continue reading here: Windows: computer permanently connect

to reset the priority of network adapters in Windows 7

  1. enter the start menu a “network” with network drive and start the network and sharing Center from the displayed options.
  2. you choose in the left edge of the column which change adapter settings option . Now, any existing network connections are displayed with their current connection status.
  3. now call the menu advanced – on advanced settings . See no menu, briefly press the button [Alt] .
  4. opens a dialog that looks like this:

    Win7 Netzwerkadapter priorisieren
    Windows 7: prioritize network adapter

  5. click on wireless network connection the line and put connection one under the with the arrow button.

the wired LAN is connected, then the PC uses this fast connection instead of the Wi-Fi because the LAN connection in the list above.

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