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11:44 pm May 2, 20179356

from the command window start – run many programs can be and call functions directly without any detours. Only the start of the command window is still awkward. Read here how you execute a command directly with a keyboard shortcut.

run command keyboard shortcut

  1. , press the [Windows] -button, hold it down and press on [R] .
  2. now the input window appears and you can call a program directly.

something more cumbersome it is for those without Windows keys. Press [Strg] – [Esc] , release both keys and press then [u] to call up the dialog.

Tastenkombination für Ausführen
you can directly enter commands with a simple keyboard shortcut.

This procedure is useful when you want to start programs, which are only on the command line interface . Also, many system functions in this way can be opened, for example display the network connections .