Windows: insert a disk cleanup correctly

9:08 pm November 15, 201612949

even with large hard drives is the storage time less than. If it is then called “Windows: hard drive full”, it comes to the nitty-gritty. Which files and directories can even delete without having to make something broken? Luckily, there is the disk cleanup. We show you how it works.

the following guide was written, works for Windows 10 but also with Windows 7 and 8

if the Windows disk is full, you should check first, if not any films or other large files clog your hard drive. If so, delete these files or outsource them to external hard drives .

should be then still not enough space, use the disk cleanup Windows.


1. click in the search box of Windows Disk Cleanup and enter cleanup .

2. click on disk cleanup to launch the application.

you are looking for “Cleanup”, then find the disk cleanup.

3. the startup takes a moment, since Windows already here looks which files would be deleted.

Beim Start untersucht die Datenträgerbereinigung, wie viel Platz sie räumen kann.
when running Disk Cleanup examines how much space can give you.

4. then select the types of files you want to delete. If you also want to delete system files, “clean up system files” you go on in the next section.

5 rich however put the deletion options, each a tick against the files that you want to remove. With a click on OK , you start the deleting procedure.

Hier können Sie festlegen, welche Daten gelöscht werden sollen. you can set
here, what data should be deleted.

6. by clicking on files delete the files are permanently removed from the plate.

with files will delete the files permanently removed

system files clean

1. If you want to delete but the system files, for example the information stored for the restore function, start disk cleanup as above in steps 1-3 described. Then click in the window disk cleanup to system files clean .

Wenn Sie noch mehr Löschoptionen wollen, wählen Sie diese Option.
If you want even more options, select this option.

2. then, the program examines the drive again.

Windows fragt nach dem Laufwerk, dessen Systemdateien es bereinigen soll.
Windows asks for the drive, it should clean up its system files.

3. in the window, the disk cleanup utility will appear. Here you can choose the files you want to delete. The tab also shows more options . Click once on it.

make sure the new tab “More options”.

4. system restore and shadow copies , see the button clean up . Clicking it allows you to delete all previous restore points . Only the latest point remains. Especially much used systems, which can save a lot of memory.

Sie können eine Menge Platz freischaufeln, indem Sie Wiederherstellungsdateien löschen.
you can clear a lot of space by deleting recovery files.

5. then click Delete .


6 Windows disk cleanup brings you back into the window. Click here OK to start the deletion process.  Windows shows you then still a warning and then start the deletion process.