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Windows represents the running programs in the taskbar as grouped icons without caption. You can easily change that.

So, the taskbar individually and info texts represents programs

  1. click with the right mouse button on an empty space on the taskbar.
  2. Select the option settings from the menu that appears.
  3. Select taskbar and find the setting taskbar buttons group.

    Einstellungen Taskleiste gruppieren
    So they cause Windows individually and with labels showing the icons in the system tray.

  4. Select the option when the taskbar is full .
  5. The taskbar below immediately adapts itself: now, each window for its own icon and also a label.
  6. Only when there are too many window icons, the taskbar combines the Windows groups.

The difference between the two variants of the taskbar of

as does the variant always labels hide

the standard since Windows 7 is the grouped view. In the taskbar for all running programs displays the icon.

Do you want to know details, move the mouse pointer over it and see through the on-screen mini preview if multiple Windows of the program are open and receive the respective title above info.

It shows the name of the current directory for example in Word the respective document name on or in the Windows Explorer.

This is different with when the taskbar is full

this representation is much more lavishly with the space in the taskbar and looks at many open programs quite messy because on the one hand under Windows of program contained individually and also a part of the respective title text is shown.

The advantage: you see just what lies behind the entry, without having to control the icon until the mouse pointer.

The course threatens to go out, then the taskbar switches back in clustered mode. Want to completely avoid that, select never as the setting.

Taskbar in der Einzeldarstellung
Without grouping, the taskbar displays individually and with a short text info the running program.

Old taskbar context menu use

from older versions of Windows everyone knows the classic context menu with restore, minimize, close and so on, obtained also using the keyboard shortcut [Alt + Leertaste] .

Das klassische Kontextmenü in Windows
The classic context menu in the taskbar

but click on an entry in the taskbar from newer versions of the operating system gets a completely different menu:

Das neue Kontextmenü in Windows 7
the new context menu since Windows 7

If you want to use the classic context menu in the taskbar, hold down the switch to button and then click the entry in the taskbar with the right mouse button. Then you see the good old context menu.

For the faster start: to create a program icon in the system tray from .

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