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8:53 am March 10, 201713131

you want to change the icon size in Windows? Then you read here, how it works and how you switch back to the original symbol size.

Windows: the icons resize

  1. click with the mouse on a free area on your desktop, so therefore no program for the focus.
  2. now press and hold the [Strg] and turn the mouse wheel.
  3. move the mouse wheel up, to enlarge the icons.
  4. move the mouse wheel down, to shrink the icons.

this method works the same way, in folder Windows. However, Windows here switches through the different views for icons. Of the small over the middle to large icons and in addition the list representations.

Icon Größe auf Standard
which can resize icon to use the mouse wheel to change and using the context menu, switch back to the default value.

So you get the standard size of the icons back

  1. click with the right mouse button on an empty space on the desktop.
  2. on the shortcut menu, click view.
  3. medium by clicking on icons the icons back in the default size.

continue reading here, how you can reduce icons in the system tray.

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